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    That Conor was born is not subjected to question. We are almost positive this really happened in this space-time. Though called myth by some, clear pictures remain, as well as a string of oddly literary exes. The question that echoes in our minds is, from what was Conor born? He lives on Earth at present and we don't know what he is. Not a noun or verb. Utterly frustrating in perpetual absentia.

    The question thus becomes why Conor's birth was precisely what the universe required. Really, we are scratching our heads here.

    Conor is an all around guru companion, though often teaching his lessons by vanishing without a word for large portions of a decade. The sort of messianic waterfowl prone to fly away without notice, only to reappear suddenly and crucially, if infrequently. Occasionally, he is Tyler Durden. Other times, he is a yet undiscovered lama. He is always Margaret's loving brother, if he know what is good for him.

    While he was at Bard, Flynn and he hunted mortals by night and enlightenment by day. It is not certain what they intended to do with either.

    It hard to underestimate the influence of Conor on the story as a whole. True, he can vanish without a trace and doesn't seem to understand the tact of giving a call at least every year, but it is simple to believe he is interacting in a parallel story that will soon be foreshadowed and given a detailed exegesis. Xen and company try hard to hold a grudge that Conor forgets that other people exist, but it melts like the morning dew whenever he makes a fated reappearance.

    Conor first appeared as the friend of one of Xen's (too numerous) high school paramours, though a flashback was required because both had seen the other at a horrid play called "Ghostchasers" four months before. Conor starred as a Ghostchaser and Xen just felt embarrassed for all concerned.

    It is understood that he is currently living in New York City and, possibly, wearing a gnome hat full time.

      Vital Statistics

      Known Aliases: El Duck, The Anti-Duck, The Fox, MacGyver

      Birthday: October 14, 1982

      Zodiac: Libra

      Height: We assume around 5'7" but it's been a while since we had the opportunity to measure.

      Eyes: The blue that Jesus's eyes weren't

      Hair: Tousled blond

      Spiritual Path/Religion: Zen Conorism

      Quotes: "It is like that Zen story... and I am still carrying her."
      "The Egg Master has left his dojo."
      "[Xen] really need[s] to get a name tag that says 'Hi, I'm the Messiah, how are you today?'"
      "I remember you more often than not... I remember more than most anyone!"
      "I'm organizing them into chaos."

      Divine Dominion Over: ducks, oranges, vampires

      Best Quality: dynamic intelligence

      Weakness(es): Paying attention.

      Superpower: No one can honestly dislike him. Ever. They may try, but he eventually wins them over.

      Similar to: Tyler Durden, Donald Shimoda

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