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    Q's in a Pod: Saugerties Comic Con 2016: Comic Creators Panel

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    I speak with three comic creators at the Saugerties Comic Con.

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    Q's in a Pod: Pokemon Go BLM Edition

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    Go Team Valor! Unless you are a Hufflepuff. Maybe don't shoot at police, if you can possibly help it. It muddies the water a bit.

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    Xenology: The Moment of Now

    I am in this moment. I cannot do anything but remember those moments that have come before and be informed, but never ruled, by them. Now is the only thing I can control and it mostly takes care of itself when I am not desperately clinging to its inevitable passing. I know it is easy to be at peace on break from my day job, when all I have to do is write and wander. Fall will come again and with it a return to my trying day job. Winter will come again and steal the outdoors from me for three months. I can't do much about that that doesn't sound like suicide or nomadism, neither of which sound appealing.

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    Q's in a Pod: Dental Damn the Man Edition

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    Maybe don't cut off parts of your children's genitals? Birth control is a crapshoot. Amber talks a lot about fertile mucus.

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    Xenology: Amber's Middle School Reunion

    I skipped my own ten-year high school reunion. It was held at a bar a few miles from where I then lived and was nothing school sanctioned - Beacon High School barely cared about us when we were students and grew no fonder when we left its hallowed halls for community colleges and SUNY schools that turned us into realtors and middle school math teachers.

    I had vague intentions of going. When the hour struck, I felt a wave of depression that I was a semi-employed substitute teacher, laid off from a proofreading job; a failed writer who could not manage to sell a novel to a publisher; living in a studio apartment I could barely afford; unmarried and dating an acerbic college student who would surely mock me for the classmates I once had. In total, I felt like too much of a failure to show my face, no matter how casual and loose this reunion was going to be. My social anxiety made abundantly clear I would not leave my apartment for anything short of a fire.

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    Xenology: Nothing's Gonna Change My World


    "Thank you, Kristina," I say as we arrive at Bish Bash Falls, "you surprised me."

    She smiles demurely, maybe offering an "oh gosh" by way of accepting my thanks.

    As I usually fill the role of activities director for my band of introverts, I had ask Daniel if he would want to go to the Strawberry Festival to make up for his was not feeling social Saturday, though I prefer to front load my weekend with plans and leave Sunday for slothful recovery. It allows me to drag the evenings out to their natural conclusions. <

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    Q's in a Pod: Disenfranchised Edition

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    Please don't elect Trump or be Brock Turner. Actually, try not to elect Hillary Clinton, if you can help it.

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    Xenography: The Importance of Being Bored

    Some of my best ideas come when I am showering, driving long distances, tossing in my bed restlessly, or doing yoga; in other words, when I am least able to write anything down. While on runs, I used to dictate into my MP3 player multiple paragraphs of suddenly formed plot so that I might not forget anything valuable. I considered this inconvenience the cruel quirk of the writer brain, missing the point entirely because I was too close to it.

    My mind is productive these times because I let myself be bored after long swaths of stifling amusement. All at once, things became quiet enough to hear what needed hearing. Our culture abhors boredom, providing no end of entertainment to distract us from the discomfort of not having something flashing in front of our eyes. Entertained people are rarely creative, bread and circuses being the surest way to abate cunning plans.

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    Q's in a Pod: Control Your Guns Edition

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    Consent is as easy as tea, even in the porn industry. Maybe America should talk about gun control.

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    Xenology: Seeking a Friend for Saturday

    I rush Amber to Beltane at the Center for Symbolic Studies in New Paltz. I've attended in the past but, given my rededication to finding my community for my own mental balance, it feels imbued with increased importance. Let me be in the presence of believers, even as I find satisfaction in doubt. Let me comfort in those for whom the gods are more than metaphors for psychology.

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