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    Xenology: Lake George: Thief

    Dan was supposed to pick up Amber and me to go to Lake George. That changed when we discovered that he would be leaving early Friday morning that he might be able to work a bit more. When we are almost up to the lake, we find out that Dan's estimated time of arrival is now midnight. Amber assumes that this is hyperbole. Dan offers a faint apology to my father, but points out that he has to work if there is a job offered to him. He has a new house and six children to support, so he needs to operate by his momentum.

    "I wouldn't want to do what Dan does," I assure Amber, "though I suppose he would find my life similarly hellish. Probably best we keep to our individual lanes."

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    Xenology: The Otakon Taster

    We settle onto the mostly empty light rail train to lead us back to our car after a long day of panels and rushing about. Amber complains of an ache.

    The man in the seat before us, an elderly, black guy with a loose smile, asks if one of is suffering from a heat headache. Amber motions to her ankle and blames the steepness of the steps to get on.

    "For a headache," he says, "the best thing for it is vinegar. You take a spoonful of it, then you drink cold water half an hour later. It thins the blood and cools you off."

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    Xenology: To Portland and St. George

    Trips never seem to lend themselves to coherent narratives. The way I experience them is as a series of events between which I bounce until eventually landing at home, my bank account lighter, sand in all my clothes, wounded, with a few strange souvenirs, but satisfied in a way nothing else manages. While I am in the midst of travel, lingering on what has come before and what may come after is a sure way to forget the moment I am in. I exist in a part exhausted, part amused haze as weeks-worth of events are squeezed into twelve or so hours every day.

    Since coherence is not the operative lens and because I do like taking photos, I shall opt for explanations of snapshots. If I've done my job, the juxtaposition will imply a narrative. If not, you sat through a stranger's vacation photos and are no worse off.

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    Q's in a Pod: Guaranteed Virtual Reality Edition

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    We talk about whether countries should give their citizens money for existing or just VR helmets. If you run away from the world, you are possibly a narcissistic twit.

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    Xenology: Spend While You Can

    I do not have a healthy relationship to money owing largely to the time I spent underemployment and poor. As my brain still understands it as a survival mechanism, money is fleeting. Whenever I spend a chunk of it, I am priming the universe to take it all away through some tragedy .

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    Q's in a Pod: Pay for the Wall Edition

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    Paying for the wall and pedophile vampires: both bad ideas foisted on us by fools.

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    Q's in a Pod: Saugerties Comic Con 2016: Comic Creators Panel

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    I speak with three comic creators at the Saugerties Comic Con.

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    Q's in a Pod: Pokemon Go BLM Edition

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    Go Team Valor! Unless you are a Hufflepuff. Maybe don't shoot at police, if you can possibly help it. It muddies the water a bit.

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    Xenology: The Moment of Now

    I am in this moment. I cannot do anything but remember those moments that have come before and be informed, but never ruled, by them. Now is the only thing I can control and it mostly takes care of itself when I am not desperately clinging to its inevitable passing. I know it is easy to be at peace on break from my day job, when all I have to do is write and wander. Fall will come again and with it a return to my trying day job. Winter will come again and steal the outdoors from me for three months. I can't do much about that that doesn't sound like suicide or nomadism, neither of which sound appealing.

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    Q's in a Pod: Dental Damn the Man Edition

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    Maybe don't cut off parts of your children's genitals? Birth control is a crapshoot. Amber talks a lot about fertile mucus.

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