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    Jinx is reported to have been something of a wild child, though the details (much like her computer self-portraits) are sketchy. What is known is that she was home schooled for much of her life, along with her sister Kestrel. While "Jinx" is not Jinx's given name, it more than suffices given that her sister genuinely is named Kestrel. Jinx started Bard two years after her chronological peers would have, far more owing to home schooling that innate teenage wildness.

    Jinx is a musician and all around amazing sort of person. We have yet to encounter anyone who disagrees, so it is unanimous.

    Jinx first appeared in 2008, as Melanie's new roommate about which little more was known. It was understood that the two got along and were fast friends, in the way second year college roommates tended to be. As Xen and Bard were usually kept away from one another by virtue of Melanie being capable of driving herself, Jinx and Xen had little reason to interact, save for a brief acknowledgement when the two met when he was enjoying one of his exceedingly rare visits to the campus. There was a mutual appreciation for the other person, but it amounted to little without a true meeting of minds.

    In fall of 2009, they finally met at a drive-in and there was much mutual appreciation. Less than a month later, Jinx pronounced Xen "like a brother" to her. As Melanie is "like a sister" to her, something "like incest" is going on.

    Jinx gets along famously with Daniel, making us all a very cozy family unit.

      Vital Statistics

      Known Aliases: Jinx, Jinxalicious, Thalia

      Birthday: September 2, 1987

      Zodiac: Virgo

      Height: 5'3"

      Eyes: Coffee brown

      Hair: Also coffee brown, but with two lumps of sugar

      Spiritual Path/Religion: Discordian

      Quotes: "For some of my wisecracks, I'm never sure if I'm gonna get lynched or loved."

      Divine Dominion Over: Awesome stage names, golden apples

      Future Profession: Musician and German, like David Hasselhoff

      Current Profession: Musician and student


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